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imagine your otp having stubborn smartass little baby cops

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Season 1 rewatch

Andy and Luke

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Change Or Die.

Right here, I feel like, is one of the moments we see the better, more grown Sam. He doesn’t want to miss Andy, but he does. He knows he does and so he doesn’t fight it anymore. He put his face in his hands knowing how he wishes he wouldn’t miss her, but than he looks up and in that instant he opens up to Andy for the first time in months.

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Eurovision 2011
Eric Saade - Popular
Ending Position: 3th with 185 points

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That moment when you’re not really that tired, but your eyes are so you can’t do anything to get tired enough to go to sleep

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Andy being stupid and her friends speak for the whole fandom

  1. Season 1: *Andy & Traci talk*
  2. Andy: I mean, I didn't sleep with him. I TOTALLY would have.
  3. Traci: When?!
  4. Andy: The night of the black out.
  5. Traci: WHY DIDN'T YOU?!
  6. Season 5: *Andy & Chloe talk*
  7. Andy: Sam gave me a key to his apartment this morning
  8. Chloe: Shut.Up! That's like practically a marriage proposal!
  9. Andy: I didn't take it.
  10. Chloe: You di.. Why not?!!
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Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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